hydrangea bush with white flowers

We’ve just finished with four days and five nights of almost constant rain… and almost constant warnings of approaching severe thunderstorms. I don’t remember anything like this ever happening here before, and I hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon. It was not fun. The weather forecasters kept advising people in our area to prepare for torrential rain (how?) and flash flooding… and we kept having both. For a while there it seemed like the rain would never stop.

The force of the rain and the severity of the flooding left us with a lot of damage. Many of the plants in the gardens… both vegetables and flowers… look awful right now. Anything tall like the foxgloves and delphiniums are now lying on the ground. But somehow all the feverfews survived without any damage at all… and of course the hostas always look great no matter what happens. Same with the sempervivums… no wonder these three are my favorites!

This hydrangea wasn’t so fortunate. Before the rain it was almost completely covered with blooms, and the contrast of the brilliant white flowers against the dark green leaves was absolutely beautiful. Now the entire bush is almost flat on the ground from the weight of the rain-soaked flowers.

The rain finally stopped just a few hours ago, but I can already see just the hint of blue sky and sun, and thankfully there isn’t supposed to be any more rain for the next several days. It’s still too wet out there to do anything now, but tomorrow we will begin the discouraging job of trying to clean up some of this mess.

And that won’t be fun either.

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It’s been a hard crop season. We had lettuce, mustard and other greens growing in 4 separate locations and we have given up on them. The pounding rains destroyed everything. It’s discouraging to see months of hard work destroyed in a few hours or days but I suppose that is part of the cycle. Next year will be better I hope. Sorry for your losses too.


Your hydrangea bush was lovely. I’m sorry your gardens were so destroyed by the rain. I believe we live fairly close to you and I know the severe thunderstorm warnings you mentioned. They did sound ominous and far too many of the severe type storms actually happened. I too hope this never happens again.

Mrs. Wibberley

We lost a beautiful old maple 2 days ago from a lightning strike from one of these storms. That old tree has been part of this homestead as long as I can remember and I cried when I realized it would all have to be taken down. Weather can be so destructive.