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Pure Food Sanitary Cooking Ware

I have always wanted to learn more about this bowl, but unlike my Neu Deel Cookin Ware, I have been unable to find any information about this one.

Welded Metal Garden Dogs

These dogs are made of various springs, bolts, nuts, and pieces of metal welded together, and the metal is supposed to rust over time as the dogs are exposed to the elements.

Neu Deel Cookin Ware

I find this Neu Deel Cookin Ware earthenware dish intriguing because it has so much decoration and design for a dish with such a simple function. It obviously was made for use in the oven and has a tight-fitting lid, so I guess it would be called a dutch oven.

Swans Down Cake Pan

My Swans Down cake pan is 8 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches and it is in very good condition. The interior of the pan is bright and shiny and I still use this pan whenever I bake a sponge cake because the sliding side panels make it so easy to slip a knife inside to loosen the cake.

The Prize Butter Churn

This is my Prize butter churn. Some of the lettering on the front of the churn has faded and is somewhat difficult to read in areas, but the top line says “THE PRIZE” with a curlicue design below it, the next line says “CHURN,” and the last two lines are “Pat.”

Ford China Company Antique Pitcher & Bowl

This pitcher and bowl came from my father’s family homestead… a house and land that had stayed in the family from 1780 until a few years ago. The house was full of family antiques that were immediately sold at auction by the new owner. I bought this pitcher and bowl.

The Mister & the Missus

The Mister and the Missus stand on top of my refrigerator, and they have been a part of my kitchen for many years.

My 1902 Antique Baby Nurser

This antique baby nurser dates back to at least 1902, because I know it was used by a certain relative in my father’s family who would now be 116 years old. There were fourteen children in that family…