Book Reviews

Book Review: The Hidden Dangers of Soy

Four years ago Dianne Gregg, the author of The Hidden Dangers of Soy, went into anaphylactic shock in an emergency room. Doctors stabilized her condition but could not find the reason it had happened, even after many examinations and tests. Their tentative diagnosis was food poisoning. The author felt that food poisoning was not the answer, but she could not figure out what had gone wrong either.

Book Review: The Happy Minimalist

Peter Lawrence’s lifestyle is very different from that of the average American. He doesn’t own a bed… instead he sleeps on the floor in a sleeping bag. He doesn’t own a television, a sofa, a dining room table, or most of the other pieces of furniture usually found in a home. His computer desk is an old adjustable ironing board that was left behind by its previous owner. He says that if he had to move house quickly, he could pack all of his belongings into his 1999 Honda Civic and be on the road in about an hour.

Book Review: The Whole Soy Story

Kaayla T. Daniel is a clinical nutritionist with a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and Anti-Aging Therapies. She is a popular speaker on the subjects of nutrition and longevity and she advises clients on a wide range of nutritional health issues. The subtitle of this book, The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food, describes its purpose perfectly… to counter the exaggerated health claims about soy and soy products and to provide a more balanced view based on facts and science.