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How Do I Tell When Bread Dough Has Risen Enough?

“I know I’m supposed to let bread dough rise until it is double in size, but how do I tell when that has happened? Do I weigh the dough before and after or is a visual thing that you sort of guess at?”

Our Favorite Peanut Butter Cookies

Reader question… “My family loves your other cookie recipes, but I’m wondering if you have a recipe for peanut butter cookies. Whenever I make them, they do not taste as ‘peanutty’ as I would like.”

The Easiest Crackers I Have Ever Made

This recipe is wonderful for anyone (like me) who loves homemade crackers but not the time it takes to roll out the dough and cut out all the crackers. These crackers are made with a batter that is mixed in the food processor and poured into pans.

Freezing Batter for Quick & Easy Muffins Anytime

Having ready-to-bake homemade muffins in your freezer is so convenient. The process is simple. Use any muffin recipe, mixing the batter as usual. Portion the batter into individual paper or foil baking cups in a muffin tin… but freeze the muffins instead of baking them.

My Recipe for Quick & Easy Sandwich Buns

These wonderfully soft sandwich buns have become a huge favorite in our family. I usually make them with white whole wheat flour… sometimes the all-purpose flour the written recipe calls for. I always mix this dough in the bread maker and then shape the buns by hand.

Mock Maple Syrup — Made From Potatoes

Recently I have been looking through some books I hadn’t read in a while, and in a little book about their life in the wilderness by Bradford and Vena Angier, I came across the chapter where they write about making a realistic tasting maple syrup from potatoes and sugar.

Super Delicious No-Butter Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

I have been experimenting lately with using olive oil instead of butter in some of our favorite cookie recipes… with, as you might guess, varying degrees of success.

Making Gingerbread Boys

This recipe was sent to me by a reader who lives in Germany. She wrote that she always makes these gingerbread boys every Christmas, not for her children, but for her husband of forty-three years.

My Favorite Recipe for Divinity Fudge

The sweet tooth gene skipped a generation with me I think, because I am definitely not a fan of candy in general and fudge in particular. I do, however, like divinity fudge, and we usually make a batch for Christmas each year. My sons used to call it “cloud candy.”

Our Other Favorite Banana Nut Bread

This is the other banana bread that my family always asks me to make. The ingredients for this bread are slightly different than the ingredients in our favorite whole wheat banana nut bread..