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Ready-To-Bake Frozen Cookie Dough

My family loves fresh baked cookies, but I’m not always in the mood to go through the long process of baking an entire batch of cookies.

Three Pans of Potato Rolls

A while ago my oldest son asked me why I never made potato rolls anymore. It was a good question. I used to make them all the time. If I had a signature dish, these potato rolls were probably it.

Green Tomato Refrigerator Sweet Pickles

How about green tomato refrigerator sweet pickles? I found this recipe years ago… handwritten by somebody (I don’t know who) in the margin of a vintage cookbook. I have made these pickles several times and everyone likes them.

Two Egg Free, Milk Free (Also Vegan) Cakes

Several times a week questions come in from readers who are searching for recipes for a cake that is vegan, or for a cake made without milk, or for a cake made without eggs.

My Recipe for Extruded Pasta Dough

It takes a special type of dough to work well in a pasta extruder… it must be dry enough so the pasta will hold its shape but not so stiff that it won’t move easily through the extruder dies.

Ice Cream For Breakfast?

Ice cream for breakfast? Actually, this smoothie is BETTER than ice cream because it is full of good-for-you ingredients and completely guilt-free!

Carrot Cake with Walnuts & Raisins

This carrot walnut cake has become a new favorite. I have substituted brown sugar for the white sugar in the original recipe, cut the amount of sugar in half, and also cut the amount of oil in half, and substituted applesauce for the rest of the oil.

How I Make “Real” Potato Chips

I haven’t bought potato chips for a long time. There must be a potato chip out there somewhere that is made without soy, without hydrogenated oils, and without oils from crops that have been genetically modified… but I haven’t found any.

A Very, Very Pasta Filled Day

I spent almost the entire day yesterday making pasta for the freezer. I started with four batches of extruded pasta using the fusilli die on my pasta extruder.

How I Make Oven Baked Potato Chips

Reader question… “I wonder if you ever make potato chips and if you do would you share how you do it. I tried several baked potato chip recipes but the chips I made weren’t very crispy and didn’t really look or taste like a real potato chip.”