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Whole Wheat Raisin Bread

This recipe makes an exceptionally delicious raisin bread. Over the years I have made it in several different bread machines, and it always turns out a perfect loaf.

Busy Days Bread Maker White Whole Wheat Bread

This recipe started with a recipe from the booklet that came with our Breadman bread maker. I like it because it’s an uncomplicated recipe that always makes a great loaf of bread and doesn’t need “supervision.”

Homemade Egg Noodles

Fresh pasta is extremely easy to make, and noodles you make yourself are so much more delicious than the store-bought alternatives. You can make noodles entirely by hand the traditional way or let a food processor and pasta machine do most of the work.

Champion Sponge Cake

This Champion Sponge Cake recipe comes from a very old community cookbook. Although the recipe sounds complicated, the cake is actually really easy to make, and when you follow the instructions exactly it turns out light and delicious every single time.

Did You Know Chiffon Cake Is So Easy To Make?

This chiffon cake is a very LARGE, impressive looking cake that is wonderful for a party or other special event. It’s also a very easy cake to make. I made two of these cakes over the weekend. One was for an anniversary celebration… white frosting, red roses and hearts.

The Spaetzle Experience

The word “spaetzle” is pronounced shpet-sluh and means “little sparrow” in German. Spaetzle are small noodle-like dumplings that can be used in either savory or sweet dishes, or as a wonderful substitute for pasta, rice, or potatoes.

How To Make Cake Flour

Reader question… “I usually use all purpose flour for baking, but I have a few recipes where the flour ingredient is cake flour. I’ve been buying cake flour but that stuff is expensive.”

Lightning Cake — A Quick & Easy Yellow Cake Recipe

I found this recipe in a 1942 Fannie Farmer cookbook for junior cooks… which probably explains why it is such an easy and foolproof recipe to make.

How To Make a GMO Free Light Corn Syrup Substitute

I have had this recipe for some time but had never tried it until last Christmas when I wanted to make some divinity fudge and couldn’t find any commercial corn syrup that was GMO free. I was pleasantly surprised at the results…

Corn and Chicken Soup with Rivels

There are many versions of this popular Amish corn and chicken soup with rivels… this is mine. On the first day I make the rivels and spread them out on my cutting board to dry.