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Quick One-Dish Spanish Rice

Since my soy allergy means I have to cook from scratch, and I don’t have the convenience of opening cans or popping things in the microwave for instant meals when I’m pressed for time, I count on a number of favorite “quick recipes” that my family loves.

How To Shape Crescent Rolls

To shape crescent rolls, roll the dough into a circle that measures approximately twelve inches in diameter and one-quarter inch thick. Spread softened butter over the dough. Cut the circle in half, then in fourths, etc.

Mix In The Pan Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake is really, really good! It is so good it would be worth making even if this were a complicated recipe, but this is one of those quick and easy cakes where you just put all the ingredients in a square pan and stir just enough to thoroughly blend everything

Pickled Carrots

This very easy refrigerator pickle recipe came to me from a friend of a friend who makes these pickles carrots as Christmas gifts each year. When I first heard about these pickles I didn’t think I would like them, but one taste changed my mind…

My Husband’s Favorite Sticky Buns

I usually turn cinnamon buns into sticky buns with a delicious brown sugar and nut topping. We all like extra thick topping, so I almost always double the topping ingredients. Be careful though…

Old-Fashioned Molasses Drop Cookies

This recipe for old-fashioned molasses drop cookies makes a soft, thick cookie that is even better the second day…

Making Extruded Pasta From Scratch

I have been making egg noodles for years and years, but extruded pasta has recently become an unexpected addition to my “making from scratch” repertoire.

Bread Maker Honey Wheat Bread

I’m really liking the new bread maker… a lot! I like that that it makes horizontal loaves and I like having all the breads come out with a perfect shape and with perfect texture.

The Easiest Boiled Frosting Ever

Reader question…

Hulled Corn or Samp — What It Is and How To Make It

Hulled corn is also called samp and hominy. According to some sources, hulled corn is made from white corn and samp from yellow corn, but the names may simply vary from region to region.