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Natural Tarnish Removers

Like many of you, I avoid using chemical cleaning products, and I’m always happy when I find a natural method that really does the job. Here are two natural cleaning techniques for removing tarnish… one for copper, the other for silver.

Another Green Cleaning Solution That Really Works

Reader question… “My husband and I are both heavy tea drinkers. Many of our teacups and mugs are badly stained and the stains don’t come off no matter how hard I scrub them.”

A “Green” & Natural Method for Cleaning Stainless Steel

Reader question… “I have a stainless steel sink and stainless steel appliances and they always look dull and streaky. I won’t use chemical products.”

Make Your Own Natural Body Powder

I’ve been making a natural body powder for years, partly because of our soy allergies, but also because I like to keep everything we use as natural as possible.

4 Unique Tips For Removing Garlic Odor From Your Hands

Persistent garlic or onion odor on your hands? Rub your hands with one of the following: A small piece of tomato pulp A few coffee grounds mixed with a small amount of water A paste of dry mustard and warm water