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Do Hostas Seed Themselves?

Reader question… “I have what I think is a hosta seedling growing in my garden, but it is not near my other two hostas. I have not planted any seeds.”

My Surprise Streaked Hosta Seedlings

Here is some pictorial proof that you don’t always have to have seeds from streaked hostas to end up with streaky seedlings. These little streaked beauties grew from seeds I had collected from a number of hostas… but none of those hostas were visibly streaked.

How I Divide A Hosta

Reader question… “I have a hosta that has gotten very big and is developing an empty area in the center. My neighbor told me it needs dividing, but I don’t know how to do it.”

Hosta ‘June’ And Its Seedling

My June hosta has produced only one seed so far that had what looked like a viable bump. The seed germinated quickly and the little seedling thrived, but it was obvious from the beginning that this seedling was going to become a miniature hosta.

Hostas I Have Grown From Seed

One of the things I like best about hostas is how easy it is to grow more hostas from seed. For the past several years I have been collecting seed each fall and growing seedlings under lights through the winter.

The Hostas in My Gardens

I love hostas!! Of all the plants I grow, hostas are definitely my favorite because they take so little care and yet they always look so spectacular all season long. (You really can’t say that about most other plants.) I now have hundreds of hostas in my gardens.

Can You Help Me Identify This Hosta?

I received this hosta as a gift several years ago, and for some reason I have never been able to remember its name… which never mattered very much because I could always look it up on the nursery tag stuck into the soil.