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My One Piece Long-Handled Spoons

I didn’t realize there was such a difference between one piece long-handled spoons and the welded kind until a family member’s estate was settled and I was given a very old and very large one piece metal spoon.

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets?

Reader question… “I really enjoyed your post about the small appliances. How about kitchen gadgets? Could you do one on them?” –Kendra

OK… here is a list of my kitchen gadgets, with gadgets listed in no particular order.

How To Roast Garlic

If you like roasted garlic, it’s so much less expensive to roast it yourself. (It tastes better too!) The roasting process is simple.

Arsenic in Rice — How Concerned Are You?

Reader question… “I am wondering how you and your readers are dealing with the rice and arsenic problem. My husband and I have a baby and toddlers and we eat rice products and brown rice quite a bit because I always thought they were healthy.”

An Easier Way to Wash Dishes

Do you really, really dislike washing dishes? Apparently most people do… how many times have you seen washing dishes listed as the one most hated household chore? I am convinced that it is HOW you wash the dishes that makes the difference.

How To Make Your Own Apple Pie Spice Mix

Reader question… “Thank you so much for the quick response and the recipe for pumpkin pie spice mix. I made some and used it and it worked beautifully. Now I have another question.”

Equivalent Measurements For Fruit

I made these charts, printed them out, and put them inside one of my favorite cookbooks because I could never remember (and could never find easily) these equivalent measurements when I needed them. I hope you’ll find these charts helpful too. This chart is for fruits.

How To Freeze Cakes — Frosted or Unfrosted

Reader question… “I absolutely love your delicious mix in the pan cake recipes. I make them all the time now. I have a question.”

Equivalent Measurements For Vegetables

This chart is for equivalent measurements for the vegetables that I use the most, and now when a recipe calls for half a cup of celery, I can see at a glance that I need to chop approximately one stalk!

Irradiating The Food Supply

How do you feel about eating irradiated food? And how do you feel about the FDA regulation that allows sellers to start irradiating fresh iceberg lettuce and spinach, right away.