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Our Traveling Orange Day Lilies

There is a long, wide row of orange day lilies growing against the sage green picket fence that borders one side of our front lawn.

It’s Almost Time To Plant the Tomatoes

I just finished paring down a seed order for tomatoes (if I had the space, I’d get one of each!), and I think I have finally made my choices. I’m ordering heirloom seeds and one or two hybrids. This order is only for the smaller, “novelty” tomato varieties.

196 Little Seedlings

This year I have 196 little seedlings growing under lights… lots and lots of tomatoes, a variety of other vegetables, and some herbs.

What Does Bee Balm Look Like in the Spring?

Reader question… “It is spring in New England and I am cleaning my gardens getting ready for everything to ‘pop’ up. I planted Bee Balm last year and loved it next to my tall Phlox. Everything is coming up nicely but I can’t tell if the Bee Balm is coming back up…”

Primroses Blooming In The Snow

All the trees are bare… we’ve had several hard freezes and even some snow, and all the vegetation is wilted and dead. It looks pretty bleak out there. EXCEPT (of course)… the primroses.

Still Loving My Hollyhocks

I grow the single variety hollyhocks because I used to have problems with the plants living through our sometimes forty below zero winter temperatures.