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One In, One Out vs. Purging for a Reason

Reader question… “A friend told me that I should always purge an item if I buy something similar, even if the item to be purged is still in good condition or if I am still using or wearing it…”

Keeping a Photograph… Purging the Item

Reader question… “I read in a book about decluttering and purging that a photograph of an item is a good substitute for actually having the item in your possession.”

Buttons, Buttons, Who’s Got the Buttons?

Usually I couldn’t find the button color I was looking for or as many buttons as I needed for a particular project. And it was worse if I was in any kind of a hurry.

7 Grocery Shopping Strategies That Work For Me

I check the online circulars every Saturday morning for our two favorite stores. Usually there are some “buy one, get one free” and special discount offers for several items that are on my list… and I’ll wait for similar deals for the rest of the items another week.

How Do You Get Things Done?

Reader question… “I have one active duty military husband, 5 kids ages 6 months to 8 yrs, and 2 full time jobs (not a joke). I know I have a lot on my plate and that is what really makes it hard for me to get things done…”

How I’m Organizing My Recipes

I have been trying to organize my recipes for a while now. I have visions of eventually having them all categorized and with personal notes added to the margins… unfortunately I’m not there yet (or even close). But I think I am making some headway.

I Have Lost a Favorite Recipe

I have lost a favorite recipe. I used to make three loaves of whole wheat bread every day, using a recipe that I knew so well I apparently never bothered to write it down.

What’s in My Refrigerator?

Continuing on from my “What’s In My Pantry?”, here is a rundown of what is in my refrigerator today. We just purchased a new refrigerator… our previous refrigerator was twelve years old and “died” suddenly after a two-day power outage.

What’s in My Pantry?

Reader question… “I have tried several of your recipes and they were a big hit with my family, so I hope you don’t mind if I ask a question about how you feed your family.”

LESS Stuff Doesn’t Equal Happiness Either

Most of us would agree that a materialistic life is not a fulfilling one. More clothes, bigger houses, the latest electronic gadgets, newer and flashier cars… these things might bring temporary enjoyment, but a life based around acquiring things can feel pretty empty.