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Do Hostas Seed Themselves?

Reader question… “I have what I think is a hosta seedling growing in my garden, but it is not near my other two hostas. I have not planted any seeds.”

How to Make Chocolate Pudding From Scratch

Reader question… “Can you turn this [banana pudding] into chocolate pudding by adding cocoa? How much do you think you’d need to add?” –Susie You sure can! Start with the banana pudding recipe.

Tips for Baking Better Bread at Higher Altitudes

Reader question… “We recently moved to a location that has a higher altitude and all of a sudden I can’t make a good loaf of bread any more even though I’m still using the same recipe I always use.”

How I Divide A Hosta

Reader question… “I have a hosta that has gotten very big and is developing an empty area in the center. My neighbor told me it needs dividing, but I don’t know how to do it.”

Homemade Laundry Detergent — Yes Or No?

Reader question… “I was wondering if you make your own laundry detergent.”

Why I Avoid Soy

Accidental ingestion of, or exposure to, soy can result in an anaphylactic reaction that could kill me, so obviously I think of soy and all its derivatives the way most people think of poison, and as something I really, really need to avoid.

Whole Wheat Raisin Bread

This recipe makes an exceptionally delicious raisin bread. Over the years I have made it in several different bread machines, and it always turns out a perfect loaf.

Small Appliances — Extravagant Or Necessary?

Reader question… “I wonder if you would share your feelings about small appliances.”

How To Make Cake Flour

Reader question… “I usually use all purpose flour for baking, but I have a few recipes where the flour ingredient is cake flour. I’ve been buying cake flour but that stuff is expensive.”

What’s in My Refrigerator?

Continuing on from my “What’s In My Pantry?”, here is a rundown of what is in my refrigerator today. We just purchased a new refrigerator… our previous refrigerator was twelve years old and “died” suddenly after a two-day power outage.