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How We Removed an Enormous Tree Stump… or How We Saved $576

We lost several of our beautiful big pine trees during an ice storm when the weight of two days of freezing rain literally broke off the tops of the trees.

Discovering Your “Enough”

There are indeed many good reasons to purge. It makes sense to purge when an item breaks and repairing it isn’t possible or feasible. It makes sense to purge when clothing becomes too worn or faded or no longer fits.

Some Thoughts About Grocery Shopping & Sensible Frugality

Grocery shopping is one area where big savings are possible, but I don’t think that frugality should ever be the only consideration.

Trying To Keep Heating Costs Down This Winter

Here in the northeast, we’re being warned to expect exorbitant heating bills again this year. The pessimists out there think fuel costs for this area will top even the predicted average of more than three thousand dollars for the heating season.

And That Won’t Be Fun Either

We’ve just finished with four days and five nights of almost constant rain… and almost constant warnings of approaching severe thunderstorms. I don’t remember anything like this ever happening here before, and I hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon. It was not fun.

Keeping a Photograph… Purging the Item

Reader question… “I read in a book about decluttering and purging that a photograph of an item is a good substitute for actually having the item in your possession.”

It’s Time To Plant the Potatoes

A few days ago we discovered that this year the feed store was selling seed potatoes. They had about fifteen types to choose from, and all were supposedly suited to growing well in this area.

At Least We Haven’t Had an Earthquake Lately…

Friday’s all-day snowstorm left fifteen inches of new snow. Saturday’s “flurries” left an additional three inches. Last night’s “chance of snow” left two inches.

Does Frugality Mean You Shouldn’t Have Nice Things?

It’s important to save for retirement. It’s sensible to have an emergency fund. It’s essential to live within your income and not go into debt. But where did the idea come from that people who are frugal and live simply… can’t… or shouldn’t…

Sometimes You Should Complain

What do you do when you buy a bag of oranges and get them home to discover several areas of rot that you couldn’t see when the oranges were in the bag? If you find an item has a broken safety seal, do you throw it away or return it to the store? One woman I know NEVER return