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Sometimes You Should Complain

What do you do when you buy a bag of oranges and get them home to discover several areas of rot that you couldn’t see when the oranges were in the bag? If you find an item has a broken safety seal, do you throw it away or return it to the store? One woman I know NEVER return

It’s The Simple Things That Count

I spent more than three months one year in an enforced almost immobile position because of complications from a back injury.

Some Thoughts About Raising Free Range Chickens

Raising free range chickens is not an automatic first step (often listed with recycling and composting) for everyone interested in simple or green living. No one should even think of getting chickens unless they are willing to make the commitment to care for them properly..

Why I Don’t Play the Coupon Game

If there is a coupon for an item I want to buy, I certainly will use the coupon to take advantage of the savings. I don’t, however, play the coupon game. The reason… I don’t buy processed foods.

Taking That First Step

Change is hard… and big change is REALLY hard. I think that’s why so many people are often resistant to making changes in their lives. They will stay in situations that make them unhappy… continue to work at jobs or in professions they hate.

Not Exactly What I Had Planned To Do Today…

It continues to rain almost every day. Our meadow garden is WET… standing water wet… and the cucumbers and squash are producing like crazy.

7 Grocery Shopping Strategies That Work For Me

I check the online circulars every Saturday morning for our two favorite stores. Usually there are some “buy one, get one free” and special discount offers for several items that are on my list… and I’ll wait for similar deals for the rest of the items another week.

An Easier Way to Wash Dishes

Do you really, really dislike washing dishes? Apparently most people do… how many times have you seen washing dishes listed as the one most hated household chore? I am convinced that it is HOW you wash the dishes that makes the difference.

Some Thoughts on Staying Home

Reader question… “I’d love your thoughts on ‘staying home.’ Not as a stay at home mom, but just in general. Allow me to expand on this.”

Being Sensible About Frugality

Frugality is so ingrained into our lifestyle that it would be difficult for us NOT to be frugal… but I’m a great believer in practicing sensible frugality… and that doesn’t mean deprivation, being miserly or feeling cheap.