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Real Advice for the Current Economic Situation

I listened this morning as another expert urged restraint in this current economic situation. “Keep calm,” he said. “So you may have to postpone buying your new car until next year.”

Stretching Ground Beef in a Recipe

One day last week I received a very interesting message from a reader named Kirstie. Kirstie is originally from New Zealand, but she and her husband and children have recently moved to the United States because of her husband’s job.

Getting Out Of Debt: Know Why You Buy

Three people I know very well do a LOT of shopping. They each have vastly different buying habits, but the one thing they all have in common is that they all consider shopping to be a recreational activity, or something they do when they’re bored.

Are Buyer’s Clubs A Frugal Choice?

Are the savings at buyer’s clubs worth the membership fee? For us… for a while… the answer was yes. Now I’m not so sure. The only buyer’s club within an hour’s drive for us is a BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Our Journey To A Debt Free Life

On our wedding day, my husband and I were both just out of school. Neither of us had any savings or anything of any value to bring to our marriage, but I don’t remember ever worrying about finances then.

Decluttering and Purging

Like most other concepts, voluntary simplicity means different things to different people, but I have to agree that for a lot of people, simplicity seems to be centered around purging and decluttering, and these people do advise going through your house and ruthlessly gettin

Waking Up to a Clean Kitchen

I HATE a messy kitchen! So I try to take immediate care of any messes as they happen… especially keeping dishes caught up. If I have lots of dishes to wash, I work on cleaning other areas of the kitchen while the dishes soak. I always use hot water.

6 Quick Steps to a Clean Living Room

Although cleaning a messy living room can seem like an overwhelming task, you can actually make even the messiest room look presentable and clean in just a few minutes by following these six simple steps.