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The Reality of Dial-Up Over a Phone Line That Has Been Left to Deterioriate for 36 Years

A different telephone company repairman stopped by today, and he said he was shocked that the telephone line leading to our house is such a terrible mess of deteriorating insulation and exposed connections. But we already knew about that…

When I Woke Up This Morning…

When I woke up very suddenly this morning… with the distinct feeling that something had woken me up… the room was lighting up at intervals from lights that were moving around just outside our house.

Appreciating the “Now” of My Life

I have so enjoyed being outside this summer, although sometimes I have felt very frustrated. I’m still trying to get used to being so limited in what I am supposed to do… and to not being able to do so many of the things I always have done.

How To Teach a Bird To Talk

Several people have written to ask if I would share the techniques I used for teaching our yellow-headed Amazon parrot to talk.

A Reasonable Dial Tone

At least the new telephone company did exactly what they told us they would do.

Will the Squeaking Wheel Finally Get Some Grease?

I have written before about the trouble we have with our telephone line whenever it rains or the weather is damp or humid. The problem always starts with crackling and static which eventually become so loud they drown out the dial tone…

The Vet, the Economy & Our Ferocious Dog

We have two dogs, and because of the differences in their ages we schedule their exams and vaccines separately. Last week it was the younger dog’s turn, so we made an appointment for her at the veterinary hospital with our usual vet.

On a Personal Note (Or It Has to Get Better Than This)

I was a little puzzled this morning when a kind reader questioned why I did not have a personal profile on my blog… because I DO have a personal profile posted. Or at least…

Life is Getting Back to Normal

We are having a WONDERFUL day! The temperature continues to rise and has registered above freezing for several hours now. The trees are starting to look like trees again as the ice melts and the trees straighten up. We even have electricity! Life is getting back to normal.

Still Hanging In There

Everything is still coated with ice, and it has been so cold that the ice hasn’t had a chance to melt. But… the good news is that we haven’t heard any trees fall for several hours… and the temperatures tomorrow are supposed to be above freezing.