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It Was a Very Long Night

It was a very long night. And it has been a very long day. Our immediate area and most of New England has been hit hard with snow that changed over to freezing rain during the night.

I Have a Confession to Make

I have never even tasted the green bean casserole that seems to be a staple for many holiday dinner menus. Actually, I have never even seen this casserole “in person,” just in magazine photographs and on television cooking shows.

Setting the Record Straight

Over the past few days several readers have written to ask me about links they have seen recently on various forums and social networks where Choosing Voluntary Simplicity is described as a community site with multiple writers.

A Panic-Free Crisis

On a Monday evening, we owned two elderly but very dependable vehicles… a small car and truck that we had bought new and paid cash for. Our plan was to keep both vehicles for as long as possible…

Frugality for the Birds?

Apparently not this year! If the prices we have been seeing are any indication, keeping the bird feeders filled is going to be an expensive proposition.

The High Cost of Veterinary Care

One of our little dogs had a vet appointment this week for an annual booster shot. This time it was a five-way distemper vaccine, with an eighteen-dollar shot of Benadryl first to prevent allergic reactions and swelling at the injection site.

Tomatoes From My Garden On Christmas Day

Last year on Christmas Day we actually ate fresh tomatoes we had picked from our garden. Our garden was under several feet of snow at the time and the temperatures outside had stayed below freezing for days…

A Mother’s Thoughtfulness

I think I have to conclude that my mother was tired of hearing me complain about the pot holders I had been using. Somehow every pot holder I owned had suddenly become so worn I was burning my fingers every time I handled anything hot.

Farewell, Old House

I love this old house. It was for sale, and for a while we were even thinking (half seriously) about buying it and making it beautiful again… I took this picture then.

Our Journey To A Debt Free Life

On our wedding day, my husband and I were both just out of school. Neither of us had any savings or anything of any value to bring to our marriage, but I don’t remember ever worrying about finances then.