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What We Don’t Say

We all know that what we say can be hurtful and that something said in anger can leave scars that may never go away. What we often don’t think about is that what we don’t say… or what we don’t do… can sometimes hurt even more.

Why We Chose Voluntary Simplicity — Sometimes There Is No Tomorrow

Twenty-six years ago we were still spending most of our time at work running a thriving business we had created. Financially everything was great…

What is the Difference Between Simple Living & Voluntary Simplicity?

Reader question… “Can you tell me the difference between ‘simple living’ and ‘voluntary simplicity’? I see these terms used all the time and I can’t seem to find a definitive answer about what each one means.”

Seeing the Sunshine and a Happier You

We’re just coming out of a more than two week period of almost continual severe weather alerts.

The Importance of Learning To Care

There was a sad story in the news about a nine-year-old boy who poured lighter fluid on a kitten and then set it on fire. The boy and two of his friends stood nearby, laughing as they watched the kitten die.

LESS Stuff Doesn’t Equal Happiness Either

Most of us would agree that a materialistic life is not a fulfilling one. More clothes, bigger houses, the latest electronic gadgets, newer and flashier cars… these things might bring temporary enjoyment, but a life based around acquiring things can feel pretty empty.

Have Necessities Become Luxuries Because of the Recession?

I recently came across an interesting survey about the recession causing necessities to become luxuries. One thousand and three people were asked to answer the question “Do you think this item is a necessity?” about twelve specific appliances and services.

Achieving a Simpler Life — Step 1: Track Your Spending

One question I get asked very frequently is about the “how” of achieving a simpler life. People often write that they desperately want to change their lives but don’t know how to start…

Practicing the Golden Rule

We had a surprising telephone call today from one of the top managers at the telephone company. She said she had been reviewing our account record and the many notations about our “courtesy and understanding” during this long bout of problems with our phone service.

Does the Electric Company Really Need My Social Security Number?

When I first told the representative that I had a question about my bill, she told me that before she could talk to me, I needed to give her my Social Security number and my date of birth. Well…