We recently purchased a countertop oven. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made.

A countertop oven is NOT a toaster oven. They might look somewhat similar, but a countertop oven is more powerful and has a much larger cooking capacity. The countertop oven we chose is a commercial grade oven, and it is large enough to roast a turkey. It is also large enough to accommodate multiple racks of regular sized bakeware.

Our oven can be used with or without the convection feature. I had never used a convection oven before, and I am finding this feature very appealing. There is also a rotisserie, although I have not yet tried this.

Now the best part… the countertop oven uses less energy, so it costs much less to bake something in this oven than it does in a regular oven. And whenever I use the convection feature (which I have been doing most of the time), baking time is cut almost in half… meaning even less energy is used and we save even more.

And an unexpected bonus… we did a lot of research and shopping around, finally decided on a particular model, and then stumbled upon a great opportunity to purchase the exact oven we wanted that let us save nearly $200 off the regular retail price!

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Note: Sorry, but I cannot recommend a model or manufacturer. We were able to purchase our countertop oven because of business connections we made during those years of running our business, but the circumstances were unusual and could not be duplicated even if we wanted to purchase the same brand or same oven again.

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Thrifty Karen

I grew up using a toaster oven, which is very helpful. We would bake muffins, toast sandwiches, brown rolls, and do all sorts of stuff with ours. Then last year, my husband found a convection oven, open box clearance for $20! I’ve tried to talk my friend into purchasing one. She frequently complains about her electric bill. I think the ovens are super!


OK my convection oven holds a 14 lb bird/meat in the roticery. But can hold a 12muffin pan. My gas bill droped by 100 a month and my power bill hasent rose but 5 a month. So now i feel lucky about that. O will use the convection more in the summer when I have to use the A/C instead of getting my place 85 in the summer.


I’m another counter top oven convert thanks to your recommendation. Our electric bill is much lower since I stopped using the big oven for all of my baking and in the summer the kitchen stays cooler which is another plus here in Arizona. Kudos for this site. It is incredible.

C Joy

My husband and I switched to a countertop oven 7 years ago when our sons moved out on their own. It does all the wonderful things you mentioned; but another thing I like about it is that during the heat of the summer, I can easily move it out of the house to the front porch for baking. Try that with a full size oven :)


The rotisserie feature is the cat’s meow. Whether for chicken, roast beef/pork. And not heating up the kitchen is just an added bonus at our house.