“There is new life in the soil.
There is healing in the trees for tired minds
and for our overburdened spirits,
there is great strength in the hills,
if only we will lift up our eyes.
Remember that nature is your great restorer.”
–Calvin Coolidge

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Your photos are AWESOME! I love that the bee and butterfly are together. I look forward to the quotes. Your writings, your blog inspire me.


Another great post. It’s a funny thing, but I wouldn’t have associated Calvin Coolidge with such a deep and profound thought. Thanks for finding this one! I really enjoy Choosing Voluntary Simplicity. It teaches me and makes me think all at the same time.


I love this quote–I just had a great weekend at Mt Tam in California and felt restored, like an old dresser with fresh skin and newly balanced legs. I love reading this blog because it writes from where I want to be in 10 years. Thank you.



We just returned absolutely drained from a “vacation” that excluded both nature and balance. We came home frazzled and with our nerves shot. After putting everything away I headed for outside. its too hot here to “be” outdoors but just being in a pool and looking at the sky was restorative. Coolidge knew what he was talking about.


Congratulations, a very beautiful site and magnificent photos