Have you tried cooking hard boiled eggs in the oven yet?

Start with an oven temperature of 350°F and adjust this to fit your own oven. My oven always runs a little hot so I use a temperature of 335°F.

I leave the eggs in the oven for EXACTLY thirty minutes. The timing is important, and just a couple of minutes more or less can make a big difference in the quality of the cooked eggs. You may need to experiment with a couple of eggs to get the temperature and timing just right for your oven and the degree of doneness you prefer.

I cook the eggs on a piece of aluminum foil (shiny side down) placed directly on the oven racks, with the eggs positioned so there is a good space between each one.

eggs baking in the oven

The aluminum foil creates natural indentations that are a perfect size to hold an egg. I have found that using aluminum foil under the eggs prevents any brown “hot spots” that can develop on the eggs when they are cooked in muffin tins or directly on the racks.

peeled oven baked hard boiled eggs

After thirty minutes, I remove the eggs from the oven and immerse them in cold water. I like to change the water three times so the eggs get really cold. I leave the eggs in the cold water for fifteen minutes.

Hard boiled eggs cooked in the oven peel very, very easily… the shells usually just slip off the eggs in a couple of big pieces.

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Tat Chase

I learned quite recently to hard cook eggs in a steamer. I use the eggs from our own chickens and they may be as fresh as a day or two. This has been a flawless method for me. Steam them for 15 minutes or so. Then cool them in ice water and peel from the fat end – voila! Perfect eggs!


I haven’t but after reading this I’m sure going to. Once again thanks for another informative article and for another quality idea. I have tried everything you have suggested and one thing I like about this site is that I’ve always had great results. Keep up the good work.


I read this in the morning and cooked eggs in the oven in the afternoon. You said I would be surprised but that doesn’t cover it. The eggs were perfect — all 18 of them — with no brown spots. I followed your directions exactly. Thank-you.


I almost didn’t try this because I have used a similar method before and the eggs had brown spots all over. Then I thought, why not give it a try, and yes I was surprised because the eggs were perfect. The aluminum foil really does eliminate brown spots and it’s so simple to do. This is a great egg cooking method. I appreciate your help in solving the brown spot problem.

Clark Howard (no, not THAT CH)

Incredible! It works. Tried this, great success. Thanks!