Reader question… “I absolutely love your delicious mix in the pan cake recipes. I make them all the time now. I have a question. Can I freeze these cakes? How?” –Marijane

These cakes (and most other cakes) freeze beautifully… just let the cake cool thoroughly first, then package in a freezer-safe material or container. I usually cut the cake into individual portions and then freeze each piece in a plastic sandwich-size bag. I always double-wrap by placing several of these smaller bags into a larger food-size plastic bag.

It’s easier to freeze a whole cake if you freeze it first on a tray (or a piece of cardboard) and wrap the cake AFTER it has frozen. Cakes frosted with butter cream or fudge type frostings freeze well using this method. With softer boiled frostings or for cakes covered with whipped cream, it is a good idea to insert toothpicks in the top and sides of the cake to hold the packaging material away from the frosting.

To thaw, just unwrap the cake and leave it at room temperature until it is no longer frozen. It should taste just as delicious as the day it was baked.

Quaker ladies (Houstonia caerulea)

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