Reader question… “I usually use all purpose flour for baking, but I have a few recipes where the flour ingredient is cake flour. I’ve been buying cake flour but that stuff is expensive. Can I substitute all purpose flour for the cake flour and will the results be as good? Or do I need to buy cake flour for these few recipes?” –Lisabette N.

I never buy cake flour… I make it! It’s very simple to make using just two ingredients… all-purpose flour and corn starch. Here’s how…

To make a cup of cake flour, measure out a cup of all-purpose flour, remove two tablespoons of that flour, and replace them with two tablespoons of corn starch. Sift the corn starch and flour together several times… and you have cake flour. (This works best if you make up your cake flour one cup at a time, and be sure to measure your cake flour again AFTER sifting.)

I don’t use cake flour very often. I have read that cake flour will result in a better texture and that sponge and angel food cakes especially may fall if they are made with all purpose flour. I think it really depends on the recipe and your technique. I have always used organic all purpose flour when I make sponge and angel food cakes, because that is the flour called for in my recipes… and because the cakes always come out of the oven tall and beautiful and with a wonderfully light texture. However, I ALWAYS use cake flour when I bake my special chiffon cake, because that recipe specifically calls for cake flour, and in this recipe I think using the cake flour does make a real difference.

Note: For soy-free cake flour, use organic all purpose flour that has not been enriched. For GMO-free cake flour, be sure your corn starch is labeled as being manufactured from non-genetically modified corn.

Feverfew (Chrysanthemum parthenium)

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This is so cool. I learn so much when I come to your sight. I have made all your cakes and love your recipes. Would you consider sharing your recipe for this chiffon cake you wrote about here?

Lisabette N.

Thank you thank you! I never expected you would think my question was important enough to be answered in a post but I am really glad to know that I can make my own cake flour like this. I just love this site. And I would love the chiffon cake recipe too.


Very simple! Thank you :)