I’m knitting slippers… or I will be… if I have finally found the directions I remember. I knew I had them somewhere, but I couldn’t think where until I accidentally came across them last week. Much to my surprise, the directions were exactly where they should have been… neatly filed away in a binder with other handwritten directions I have collected over the years. I wonder why that particular binder was the one place I never thought to look!

These slippers are knitted as a straight piece using only garter and ribbing stitches and two strands of worsted weight yarn. I sorted through the yarn I had left from making various afghans and I’ll be using this blue and yellow ombre and bright yellow yarn to make my “test” slipper. I really love this shade of yellow… it’s so bright and cheerful, just working with it makes me feel happy.

I have just started knitting, so I don’t know yet if these are the directions I have been looking for. If they are, I will share the directions and photographs of the finished slippers in another post.

Update: I did knit one slipper, but this is definitely NOT the pattern I remember… so the pattern I’m looking for is still missing in action!

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I know what you mean about the color yellow. Red does the same thing for me. I always like it when I’m knitting something with red yarn. Color really does influence feelings.


I can’t wait for this. I’m a very inexperienced knitter so I’m always interested in anything within my knitting abilities. These slippers sound easy enough for me but also special enough so I will enjoy making them.

Mrs Leona Cuthbert

Cool beans! I’m a knitting newbie too and want to make something doable but still a little challenging. Sounds like these slippers would be great.

Donna Lynn

Just the other day I was thinking about a pair of pink, knitted slippers my Paternal Grandmother gave me as a gift, one Christmas, in the 1960s. The pair she gave me even had a crocheted rose, in a darker pink, on the toe of each slipper; I loved those slippers! The feel of the yarn on my feet was almost like a foot massage every time I wore them! I was so pleased to find your write-up, about knitting slippers, on the “Choosing Voluntary Simplicity” website/facebook page…this enhances my recent memory of such a warm, loving gift from my Grandma!