It seemed like a good idea… small individual pies baked in muffin tins.

I made an oil crust, following the instructions to press the dough into the pan with my fingers instead of rolling and cutting it. In this case the pan was twelve muffin cups, and I understand now why many of the pictures of these small pies show them made with really thick crust… it was extremely difficult to press out the dough to be as thin as I wanted it to be.

For the filling I used some of my frozen apples that I had mixed with cinnamon and sugar. I re-cut the apples into smaller pieces and really packed them into each crust so the little pies wouldn’t be skimpy on the filling.

I used the same oil dough for the top crust but just crumbled it over the apples, keeping the top of the little pies even with the top of the muffin tin cavities. A rounded tablespoon of crumbled dough covered the apples without being a lot of crust.

By the time I put the little pies in the oven, I was thoroughly tired of the whole project. BUT… once they were baked and looking so cute cooling on the rack, making little pies almost seemed like a good idea again. Individual pies would be a wonderful addition to a packed lunch or as a portion-controlled snack from the freezer, but I can’t say I enjoyed making them. Pressing the dough into the cups was fiddly and frustrating and very slow going, and as I was pressing out one crust, my other fingers kept gouging the crusts I had already pressed (there isn’t much room between those muffin cups!).

So will I ever make these little pies again? I’m not sure…