I spent an hour this morning before anyone else was awake finishing this gigantic basket I have been weaving. I wish you could have heard my husband laugh when he woke up and came to find me and saw the mess I had made! Normally I am a very organized person and I like things to be neat, but I turn into an absolute slob when I am engrossed in creating something. Over the years this has become a family joke.

I try to fight this “character trait.” I really do. When I start to make a basket, I carefully lay out all of my tools and organize the coils of reed according to their widths, and I make sure I have a big container nearby to throw my clippings in. And for a while I’m very conscientious about keeping everything in order as I work. ALWAYS, though, at some point after I have become really involved in what I am doing, I come up for air, look around, and feel absolutely overwhelmed by the mess I have made… suddenly masses of uncoiled reed, scattered tools, and clippings are EVERYWHERE.

My husband knows how much this creative chaos bothers me, and years ago he proposed making a deal. He said we should always work together… that my job would be to do the creating and his job would be to come in afterward and do the cleaning up. Of course, I would never just walk away and leave the mess for him, but I do always gratefully accept his help.

No wonder I love him!