Today’s weather forecast predicts partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the forties. Apparently “partly cloudy” covers a wide range of possibilities… this is what partly cloudy looks like here right now.

They got the temperature wrong too… it’s nowhere near in the forties. It’s cold!

The snow has been coming down since daylight this morning and it is actually starting to accumulate. I’m not ready for snow yet! I want it to all melt before morning…

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Allison T.

That does look cold! We haven’t had any snow here yet but the kids keep looking for it because they want to make a snowman. We are originally from Florida and they have never seen snow. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for all the great info.


Don’t worry! We(in Michigan) had snow all weekend, and while there is still some clinging on, most of it has vanished already :)


That looks so pretty. :) The first snowfall always makes me want to drink hot chocolate by the fire and play Christmas music. :)

Patty F.

Wow! I lived in snow country for many years before I moved to Arizona. It’s nice to see the beautiful photo!