I was a little puzzled this morning when a kind reader questioned why I did not have a personal profile on my blog… because I DO have a personal profile posted. Or at least… I thought I did!

When I checked, I couldn’t find my profile either. Apparently it “disappeared” during one of my changes to the blog template, and I never realized it was no longer there. I don’t know how long the personal profile has been missing, but if anyone else has been wondering about it, I have re-posted the profile to the About Me page. I plan to add this link to the sidebar once the blog redesign is complete, but today the logistics of changing the sidebar are completely beyond me. :o)

Why, you ask? Well, this year so far has been rough. January has been full of snow storms, ice storms, record-breaking low temperatures, power outages, plumbing problems… and all of this seems even worse than it actually is because we celebrated New Year’s Eve by coming down with this miserable flu… and it just keeps hanging on.

Then yesterday morning I broke my foot. Seriously… I really did.

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Good grief! I hope you are resting that foot well!

Lori P.

I hope you guys are feeling better. Breaking your foot on top of the flu is just terrible. We’re just getting over the flu in our house too and you’re right, it is miserable.

Thanks for re-posting your profile. I enjoyed reading it.


(((((((((((HUGE HUG))))))))))))


Bless your sweet heart! Hang on, Spring will come again and your foot will heal. But please take better care of yourself. HUGS!!


Really sorry to hear about your foot …I hope it will heal fast! And, as I’m sure you know, it’s always the darkest just before the sunrise, so hang on there.

P.S. Thanks for your blog – I found it a couple of months ago and been reading bit by bit when I have time. I can’t say I agree with everything (only about 98% :) but it sure is interesting and thought-provoking.


I am very sorry to hear about your foot. I have been following your blog in brisbane, Australia. At the the moment it has been hot and humid. I have been feeling miresable because three week ago I broke a small bone in my little toe. Just enough to make wearing a shoe and standing uncomfortable. But it is very good.

I found your blog with a search for a sponge cake recipe and came up with yours. I now read everything you post with great enjoyment. I was astonished at your heating costs for the winter. I was also very touched with your story that your husband built.

Your advice with money I feel is very grounding as well.

Thanks again I enjoy all your posts.

Shirley (Choosing Voluntary Simplicity)

Molly, having to rest it is certainly a nuisance, but I’m trying! Thanks for writing…

Lori, I hope all of you are feeling better. I really appreciated the sympathy and kind words… thank you!

Cristin, thank you… you sent your hug just when I needed one.

Rose, you are such a dear… thanks for the encouragement. Hugs right back to you…

Leon, thanks for the sympathy and encouragement, and I think the sun is already starting to rise. :o) My foot is already feeling better, so I know you are right that it will heal fast. I’m glad you found my blog and that you are enjoying it… I appreciate your thoughtful message.

Annette, I’m sorry to hear about your toe… I feel your pain! :o) I’m glad it is getting better. My foot is starting to feel better too, but these things sure can be painful, can’t they? Thanks for your very kind comments about my blog… I really enjoyed hearing from you.

Jon in France

Grief you have been through the wars! Broken bones are miserable. Be nice to yourself!