Since my soy allergy means I have to cook from scratch, and I don’t have the convenience of opening cans or popping things in the microwave for instant meals when I’m pressed for time, I count on a number of favorite “quick recipes” that my family loves. This one-dish Spanish Rice is one of the main dishes I turn to when I need a hearty meal in a hurry. Total preparation time is less than thirty minutes from chopping the onions to sitting down to supper. This dish is a frugal one, too… and best of all, it is delicious! Although my copy of this recipe is handwritten and gives no source, I believe the original recipe came off the back of the Minute Rice box back in the 50’s or 60’s.

2 large cans tomato soup and an equal amount of water (I use tomato puree or crushed tomatoes and enough water to achieve the consistency I want)
2 green bell peppers, diced
2 onions, diced
1 pound ground beef (I use ground turkey)
4 cups Minute Rice (I use regular white or brown rice that I pre-cook and add to the tomato mixture)

Brown meat, onions, and peppers in skillet. Drain fat (if any… with ground turkey you may even need to add a bit of olive oil to brown the meat). Add tomato soup (or tomato puree or crushed tomatoes) and water. Bring to boiling. Add Minute Rice, cover, and remove from the heat. Wait fifteen minutes, then stir to combine ingredients. (If you’re using pre-cooked rice like I do, cook the rice and add it at the last minute after the tomato mixture has come to a boil. Remove from the heat and stir.)

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I remember this recipe from back in the day. My mother used to make it with the minute rice and we all did like it very much. Now I’m like you and we mostly eat brown rice so it’s nice to know that we can update a great recipe like this and still eat healthier.


This is delicious. I make it with ground beef and brown rice that I have previously cooked. This is a delicious hearty dinner and my entire family loves it. Thank you for another great recipe.


My husband does hard physical labor for a living and he is a big eater. He isn’t content with things like lettuce wraps and a veg and small protein meal. He wants a hearty meal and enough of it and this Spanish Rice has become one of his favorite meals. I make it alot.


I have made this using the original recipe and the tomato soup and I like your substitution of pureed or crushed tomatoes better because I think it makes for better flavor. I also make this spanish rice with brown rice and ground turkey and sometimes I add a small amount of crushed garlic. It’s really good with or without the garlic though.