My family loves fresh baked cookies, but I’m not always in the mood to go through the long process of baking an entire batch of cookies. That’s why I freeze cookie dough!

I have found that almost any drop-type cookie dough freezes well. I form the cookies on baking sheets… making balls of dough or slightly flattened spoonfuls of dough as specified in the recipe I am using. Once I have filled the baking sheets, I put them in the freezer until the cookie dough has solidly frozen.

I transfer the frozen cookie dough to plastic bags (I double-bag them) and leave them in the freezer… until the next time someone has a craving for fresh-baked cookies.

I bake the FROZEN cookie dough at the normal baking temperatures, but allow extra baking time.

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What a neat idea! My family loves cookies, but I don’t like baking them. I’m going to have to try this.


I do that, too. It is a wonderful time saver and in the case of my oatmeal cookies, they have a better shape and texture. :-D Thanks!

Jess B

There’s nothing my kids love more than coming home from school to WARM chocolate chip cookies. I also freeze the dough balls so that I can bake up just enough for us to eat when we want them and that makes them especially convenient!


COOL!!!! :) I never thought of doing this but I sure am going to try it next time I make cookies.


Really love your site. You have some great information here. Thanks for sharing.


I tried what you said yesterday and I now have peanut butter cookies ready to bake in the freezer. Tomorrow I’m going to make some other kind (havent decided yet). This is so great! Thanks.


I use this method also. Another option would be to do this in the month of November so that when it is time for Christmas baking you have quite a few of these stocked up and then all you need to do is bake them as needed. I enjoy this site immensely! Hubby is always asking what are you reading now? LOL Just great recipes and great ideas.


Excellent website, I’ve been going through all your posts on cooking and other topics. I especially enjoy your animal articles and was wondering if you’ve thought of adding venison to your recipes – deer provide very lean meat much like turkey and would also aid in both being frugal and has excellent taste.

It would also help keep them out of your plantings, it sounds like you have too many deer for your area to support if they were able to clear your whole garden in one evening as you showed in your pictures.

I intend to work up some of your cookie recipes as well as your recipe for Spanish rice, I probably will substitute venison for the beef. I’ll let you know how it goes after I do so.


I have done this for years! It works great. It’s one of my favorite thing to give a new mom when I take over a meal. Many times there will be gobs of leftover desserts from other meals that have been provided (i.e. baking an 11×13 cake for two people tends to last awhile). I include baking directions on the bag and when all of the other goodies finally run out – fresh cookies are ready when they want them in a snap!
On a side note – baking them a dozen at a time helps my sweet toothed family with portion control – and aids in weight control too!