I listened this morning as another expert urged restraint in this current economic situation. “Keep calm,” he said. “So you may have to postpone buying your new car until next year. That isn’t such a big deal!”

The more I listen to these people, the more I wonder if they have any comprehension at all of how the rest of us live. Or are these people so out of touch with reality they are unable to understand that the most pressing concern most of us have these days is far removed from something as trivial as the purchase of a newer car?

Bee balm (Monarda didyma)

I wonder… do these people know what it feels like to lose a job they thought was secure… have they saved for a retirement that now seems out of reach… do they struggle to make a paycheck stretch to cover ever increasing prices and expenses?

My guess would be a no.

The economy will eventually improve. In the meantime, it makes sense to live frugally, not make unnecessary purchases, make the most of the things we already have, and save in the small ways that add up.

But you and I already know that, don’t we?

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My husband will be laid off by the 1st of next month. He has worked at the same place for 20 years and he will be leaving without a retirement package. It is not what we had planned for all these years. Your post was right on. I enjoy your blog very much.


I don’t think most of those financial EXPERTS have ever had any experience in managing a household on a real person’s salary. Your article said it very well. We’re all feeling the hurt out here and sometimes it doesn’t seem like anyone cares. Thanks for being there.


I know whatever comes God will bring us through. America has seen hard times before. Panic only makes it worse.

Di Hickman

I think the BIG problem is it’s not just America. This is worldwide. My Dads company in England is laying off people at the end of the month. He’s 62. More than likely he’ll be one of those laid off.
Right now we’re feeling pretty thankful that DH has a great job with a big well known Company and is unlikely to be made redundant anytime soon. We’re one of the lucky couples though. All around us we’re hearing stories of redundancies.
And I totally agree, most of these “financial experts” are totally out of touch with the real world. With the regular families that were already struggling to make ends meet. It’s not about new cars, it’s about food on the table!

Ruth, PA

Psalm 91 has been a comfort to my anxious heart these past few weeks. I also try to remember the verse, “My God shall supply all your needs.”
A faithful reader,
Ruth, PA


New car? What is that like? Never had one and probably never will, even if I could. My husband is a full-time lieutenant on the fire department. He works as a handyman on his days off or he teaches firefighting. I work in an office. Our kids are grown and have left the nest. We live in a house with much needed work, we drive old cars, no payments, and we live paycheck to paycheck. You are right, they have not a clue!


Your site is very sensible and helpful!…I’ve enjoyed reading your site…people these days should empowered themselves with some self help, motivational thoughts but yet realistic.

More power and Thanks for creating this site!


I agree that the experts are out of touch. Never do I see them pen a comment about those who live paycheck to paycheck or those who are just days away from losing the house due to a layoff. Can they possibly be so stupid? Maybe they just don’t want to admit they don’t have answers.

Sometimes I think that the answer is to pair a family making $125K per year with a family making $25K per year, each supporting 2 kids, and have the $125K family give about $25K per year to the other family. Hummmm. I think that’s called charity but it isn’t happening in that kind of format, i.e. pairing families. In fact, I see quite the opposite. A huge polarization of rich and poor growing daily.

Now that’s what the experts need to find answers for!



I have never lived in what most would call luxurious conditions, in fact most of my adult life has been spent learning to make do with what I had, or struggling to obtain the grocery money before having to pay the rent again. For the last 10 years I have been lucky though, and married into a good family. Not well off, but not as poor as I started out.
I did not forget what I learned as I grew up though. WE saved everything, recycled everything, took the handouts that were given to us, and used them as wisely as we could. That thought process never left me, and I still apply it today.
Teaching it to others as I go is the only thing that has changed, other than the fact I am able to help others now instead of just looking out for my family.
I would not try to question the ability of a well educated person to think though, as it is not something that is taught in school, but instead is something learned in life. That it has not been learned obviously says they have not lived yet.


LOVE this site plus the comments from everyone.Never thought I would find people with my same views till now.I am 55 yrs old, have 1 married daughter and the hubby and I have tried to instill these values which she and her husband embrace.Never have I made big money or the hubby but we try our best to stretch each pay check.I have worked 2 jobs since 1993 and at one time had 3 as I am a nurse.The hubby then picks up the slack doing laundry-cleaning etc.These hot shots never had to worry how to pay for food, utilities or HEALTH CARe because we the working people have slaved to carry the burden.I am just plain tired.Thankfully I had amazing grandmothers who by example showed me how to survive happily.PLEASE keep up the great posts!


I was raised by wonderful parents that taught me money doesn’t make you rich. My mom taught me how to be healthy and happy while living on a dime and I am very grateful for that educataion. That is not something you can get with a BA or PhD. Many of my friends have been working crazy jobs and hours planning for their “golden years”, well my entire life has been my golden years. I am very happy with my simple life and wouldn’t want it any other way. Good luck finding your simple life, no matter what it is.