We’re just coming out of a more than two week period of almost continual severe weather alerts. We’ve had warnings daily for severe thunderstorms, quarter-sized hail, floods, damaging winds, and for fifteen hours we were even under a watch for impending tornadoes that were supposed to center right over our immediate area. As you might imagine, we have had more than the usual interest in checking our two favorite weather sites for updated forecasts. It has been an interesting exercise in how the same circumstances can be looked at in different ways.

Today’s forecast, for instance… one site is predicting a sunny day with lots of clouds and temperatures rising as high as 65°F. The other site is predicting a cloudy day with periods of sun and temperatures not getting above the mid-sixties. It never varies… the first site always emphasizes the positive aspects of the forecasts… the second site always focuses on the negatives.

At the top of our mountain

Think about the people you know. Some are so focused on every problem that they live every day surrounded by their own negativity… always seeing their glass as half empty. Others might have huge obstacles to overcome but they somehow still manage to see their glass as half full.

Attitude does make a difference. And in our usual day to day “ordinary” living, there is almost always something that could or should bring us happiness. We just have to learn to see it.

It really is just as easy to live your life seeing the sunshine as it is to look for the clouds… and the biggest positive of all is that acknowledging and truly appreciating the happinesses you already have in your life will actually make you a happier person.