Several times a week questions come in from readers who are searching for recipes for a cake that is vegan, or for a cake made without milk, or for a cake made without eggs. I’m always happy to respond that I have already posted two such recipes for two truly delicious cakes, but since the questions keep coming, I thought this would be a good time to devote a post to my egg free, milk free, vegan cake recipes.

Our favorite is the chocolate cake. You will find that it is as easy to make as a cake mix… in fact, I use this recipe to make my own chocolate cake mix. Making this cake is as simple as whisking together the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients. You can even mix this cake right in the baking pan. Anyone, even the most inexperienced baker, can follow this recipe and turn out a perfect chocolate cake the very first time. This is an amazing recipe!

The other recipe is for an applesauce spice cake that is really delicious too. It is made exactly the same way… you just whisk the wet ingredients and dry ingredients together right in the baking pan. You can make a cake mix from this recipe too… just measure and package up your dry ingredients, and add the wet ingredients when you’re ready to make the cake.

If you or someone in your family is allergic to eggs, allergic to dairy products, or lactose intolerant, or if you’re vegan and don’t eat any animal products, you’ll love these egg free, milk free cakes. And if you’re not any of the above, I hope you’ll still try these recipes. (They’re soy free too.) Both cakes are super easy, super quick to make, and super delicious. Don’t be surprised if they become your favorites too.

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wow, thank you so much for this! i’m always looking for wonderful vegan dessert recipes; we occasionally eat eggs from a local farmer but otherwise we don’t eat animal products. i really love that the chocolate cake doesn’t have soymilk. thanks so much for sharing; i’m definitely going to try this one to surprise my partner. the man loves a great chocolate cake! :)


I’ll have to buy flour and sugar this weekend and try the applesauce cake – yummy!


Just had the chocolate cake… it was so good, moist and not too sweet… it was super easy…. I want to try the spice cake…


Thanks so much for posting these. We have milk and egg allergies. These cakes are so easy and I have tons of applesauce canned. We alter the applesauce recipe slightly by sprinkling cinnamon/sugar mixed with a bit of oil on the top – makes for a crumb topping. (I decrease the sugar in the cake when I do this.) We have been experimenting with the spices also – cinnamon, nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice are all good.
My niece and sister are newly diagnosed with Celiac’s disease and this cake works for that as well. I just substituted a gluten-free flour mix and added a couple of tsp. of xanthum gum to the recipe. Thanks so much – I truely appreciate this recipe!!! :) God Bless.


I’ve made the Applesauce cake for a bunch of 2 year olds and it was a HUGE hit! And you know how picky they can be!! I’m about to try the chocolate cake mix doubled (in 9×13 pan) for my boys’ birthday cake. I just need to figure out how to decorate it in a Star Wars theme by tomorrow!