I HATE a messy kitchen! So I try to take immediate care of any messes as they happen… especially keeping dishes caught up. If I have lots of dishes to wash, I work on cleaning other areas of the kitchen while the dishes soak. I always use hot water. It’s a bad idea to try to save money by washing dishes in warm or cool water because the cooler water will not sanitize the dishes or completely dissolve any grease, and a greasy film will form on the dishes as they dry. Dishes washed and rinsed in very hot water will dry clear and spot-free by themselves… with no wiping necessary. (Plus you’ll save by not having the cost or effort of washing so many dish towels.)

Something else that I have found very helpful is that every evening I spend a few minutes cleaning up any messes that have accumulated during the day. Because I do this every night, it takes only a few minutes… and the rewards are huge because the kitchen ALWAYS looks clean.

First I concentrate on removing anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen. I use an extra laundry basket or a similar-sized container and gather up all the “stuff” that should not be in the kitchen. If I am in a real hurry to get the room looking more presentable (like company is coming in ten minutes), I put the basket somewhere out of sight and deal with it later. Otherwise, I take a few minutes right then and carry the basket with me as I move from room to room returning everything to its proper place.

I put everything that belongs in the kitchen back where it belongs. This includes dishes back in the cupboards, food boxes or containers back in the refrigerator or pantry… basically I take care of anything that is out of place.

I wipe over the refrigerator and other appliance surfaces with a soft cloth dampened with cleaning solution (or equal parts vinegar and water) to remove any dirt or fingerprints and “shine” the surface. I pay special attention to the stovetop, soaking burned-on food spills, then cleaning with soap and water and “polishing” with a dry cloth.

Once all the dishes are washed and put away, I use fresh hot, soapy water to clean the sink and wash off the countertops and tabletop.

I take care of the trash and recyclables, including clean liners if needed.

I sweep or vacuum the floor. If there are sticky spills, I wipe them up now.

Finally, I take a quick look around the room to see if anything looks messy or is out of place. If I find something out of order, I take care of it now.

It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning to a clean kitchen… especially with no dirty dishes piled in the sink. It’s a great start to a new day!

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Great tips! I need this kind of help. Thanks!


You must have been thinking about my kitchen when you wrote this post!!!! I’m going to try this.


The part that caught my eye was where you said to do a quick clean every night before you go to bed. I have been doing this for about a week now and I can’t tell you how much nicer it is to wake up in the morning and have the kitchen be clean. It gives me a better start every day. Thanks for sharing.

Hope is the Word

Love this tip–I even thought about posting this one myself. You’re more thorough in your cleaning than I am, though. I always forget about wiping down the appliances. I’ll try to remember that tonight. And you’re right–there’s nothing better than waking up to a clean kitchen, unless it’s waking up to a hot breakfast!


So many people have been talking about this idea and how they’re impressed with the results — I may just have to try it. Thanks for breaking it down for people like me who only see one big huge job, rather than a handful of quick tasks.


Amazing ! Now I am going to amaze myself and do all this tonight .