It didn’t take long for me to realize that my new measuring cups for dry ingredients weren’t giving me accurate measurements. These were part of a large line of baking utensils from a very famous celebrity baker, but when I tested the cups for accuracy, I discovered that the one cup measure actually held a full tablespoon more than it should have. The smaller cups also held more than the measured amounts stamped on the handle.

When I tested other measuring cups for accuracy, I found only the four sets in the above photo actually measure the correct amounts. I wasn’t surprised to discover that all the cups I have been using for years were accurate, but many of the newer ones were not.

Use sugar to test the accuracy of a measuring cup for dry ingredients. One cup of sugar weighs 7 ounces.


Use water to test the accuracy of a measuring cup for wet ingredients. One cup of water weighs 8 ounces.

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I think I need to do this with some of the measuring cups I use. I didn’t realize they could be measuring more than what they’re supposed to. Or less I guess too. Although in my case I’m sure it is more. I definitely will do some testing.


I did the testing, both dry (with sugar) and wet (with water) on my three sets of measuring cups. The metal set is right on the mark. One of the plastic sets measures a little more than it should, about 1 1/8 cup instead of 1 cup, etc. The other plastic set is all over the place. The 1 cup measures too much, the 1/2 cup measures too little. Who would have thought?