Reader question… “I have a stainless steel sink and stainless steel appliances and they always look dull and streaky. I won’t use chemical products. Do you have any natural way to keep stainless steel looking clean and shiny?” –Bonnie W.

I actually do have a great “green” way to clean stainless steel surfaces using only natural ingredients… and it really does work… even better, I think, than chemical cleaners. All you need are just two simple ingredients… olive oil and white vinegar. If you don’t have white vinegar, use cider vinegar.

Here’s how… Rub the stainless steel surface with a soft cloth dampened with a small amount of olive oil. Wipe the oil off the surface with another soft cloth dampened with vinegar. Immediate result… gleaming stainless steel!

I was skeptical the first time I tried the olive oil and vinegar, but the results are amazing for appliances or any other stainless steel surface. I especially like the way it cleans the double stainless steel sink in our kitchen because our hard water has always made keeping that sink looking good a challenge. Since I’ve been using the oil and vinegar method, and occasionally the flour method, that sink shines like it did the day it was installed!

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Oh thank you! This is fabulous! I can’t wait to try it -I’m out of vinegar for now, but I really can’t wait to try it. I’m tired of my sink looking so dull, even after scrubbing it. Thanks!


I was skeptical of the olive oil and vinegar myself but I tried it and it does work great. I have all stainless appliances and the refrigerator is always getting fingerprints on it. The store bought stainless cleaners just didn’t work but the olive oil works like magic.

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huh, cool. I’ve always used rubbing alcohol, I’ll try this tomorrow instead


thank you so much…. I have been wondering about a chemical free solution for some time! My son often has his little paws all over the stainless steel appliances. I tried this and it worked great!


I am “king of cleaning chemicals” so I rolled my eyes when a friend sent me this link. Guess what? This is amazing and IT WORKS. I did not even get to the vinegar step….after the oil it was PERFECT….I was blinded by the fridge! This works. THANK YOU for posting this! I’m so impressed.


I found your website today and tried this out…FABULOUS! It worked great on my stove, my fridge, my KITCHEN AID, the work surface of my Hoosier Cabinet, and even the 100 yr old cast iron enamel sink that NOTHING made look good! Thank you for your fabulous tips!


Thank you so much for a green solution to cleaning the outside of my fridge. I also was very skeptical. But it works like a charm. I think it looks even better than the day I bought it.


Thank you! This worked great, so glad to finally find a natural way to clean my stainless fridge:-).


My wife said to look online for natural ways to clean stainless. I thought she was crazy. I wanted to buy some expensive cleaner. But, i decided to try her idea. What could it hurt? boy was she right. I found your idea and it really worked. thanks.


This is so wonderful; like another commenter, I don’t even use the vinegar step. A microfiber cloth and my olive oil sprayer are all I need to keep my fridge, ovens and dishwasher glowing and print-free.


I just tried this on my stainless fridge. The olive oil left it gleaming, but when I wiped it off with the vinegar, the surface became pretty streaky. Maybe I’ll just stick to the olive oil.


Worked great! I think it depends on the stainless surface as to whether to use the vinegar step or just the olive oil. My surfaces were shiny after the olive oil