These are cobweb houseleeks (sempervivum arachnoideum). The rosettes appear to have small spiderwebs on them, but the “webs” are actually a naturally growing part of these amazing little plants.

In some rosettes, there will be only a hint of cobwebbing…

… in others the rosettes will almost be covered in fine white cobwebby threads.

If they are happy with their growing conditions, cobweb houseleeks… like other sempervivums… will quickly produce chicks, and those chicks will grow and produce more chicks. Before long a few plants will have spread to form a large mound of mature rosettes and chicks with the cobweb threads stretching not only from leaf to leaf but also from rosette to rosette. Eventually the white threads growing from the tips and sides of the leaves will form a network of cobwebs over the entire mound.

And not a spider in sight… :o)

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