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Organizing, Decluttering, And Purging

Don’t let anyone else’s purging guidelines determine how you organize your life. Purge only the material things that you don’t need or want… reorder your emotional life to be as stress-free as possible…

Decluttering and Purging

Like most other concepts, voluntary simplicity means different things to different people, but I have to agree that for a lot of people, simplicity seems to be centered around purging and decluttering, and these people do advise going through your house and ruthlessly gettin

Waking Up to a Clean Kitchen

I HATE a messy kitchen! So I try to take immediate care of any messes as they happen… especially keeping dishes caught up. If I have lots of dishes to wash, I work on cleaning other areas of the kitchen while the dishes soak. I always use hot water.

6 Quick Steps to a Clean Living Room

Although cleaning a messy living room can seem like an overwhelming task, you can actually make even the messiest room look presentable and clean in just a few minutes by following these six simple steps.