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What Do Hosta Flowers Look Like?

Reader question… “I am very interested in growing hostas from seeds and I found your posts about this very interesting.”

Is It Possible To Have a Soy-Free Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner?

Yes, it is possible to have most (if not all) of the typical Thanksgiving foods… and to have them be completely soy-free.

Some Thoughts About Staying Motivated

“I was wondering if you could share some advice. How can I stay motivated when I have a lot to do or a large project ahead of me? You seem to accomplish so much. I always have lists of things that need to be done but I keep putting them off.”

Green Tomato Refrigerator Sweet Pickles

How about green tomato refrigerator sweet pickles? I found this recipe years ago… handwritten by somebody (I don’t know who) in the margin of a vintage cookbook. I have made these pickles several times and everyone likes them.

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets?

Reader question… “I really enjoyed your post about the small appliances. How about kitchen gadgets? Could you do one on them?” –Kendra

OK… here is a list of my kitchen gadgets, with gadgets listed in no particular order.

Arsenic in Rice — How Concerned Are You?

Reader question… “I am wondering how you and your readers are dealing with the rice and arsenic problem. My husband and I have a baby and toddlers and we eat rice products and brown rice quite a bit because I always thought they were healthy.”

Some Thoughts on Staying Home

Reader question… “I’d love your thoughts on ‘staying home.’ Not as a stay at home mom, but just in general. Allow me to expand on this.”

How Do You Get Things Done?

Reader question… “I have one active duty military husband, 5 kids ages 6 months to 8 yrs, and 2 full time jobs (not a joke). I know I have a lot on my plate and that is what really makes it hard for me to get things done…”

How To Make Compost in a Garbage Can

Reader question… “When you wrote about making compost, you mentioned making a small compost bin out of a garbage can.”

How To Freeze Cakes — Frosted or Unfrosted

Reader question… “I absolutely love your delicious mix in the pan cake recipes. I make them all the time now. I have a question.”