To shape crescent rolls, roll the dough into a circle that measures approximately twelve inches in diameter and one-quarter inch thick. Spread softened butter over the dough. Cut the circle in half, then in fourths, etc., continuing as you would cut a pie until there are sixteen wedge-shaped pieces.

Roll up each wedge, starting from the rounded edge. Place the wedges on a greased baking sheet with the point of the wedge underneath the roll. Curve each roll slightly into a crescent shape and let rise for twenty minutes.

Bake in a 400°F preheated oven for fifteen to twenty minutes. Remove from oven and brush tops of rolls with butter.

You can make crescent rolls using any favorite roll or bread recipe. For the rolls I made today I used the recipe for our favorite whole wheat bread and let the bread machine mix up the ingredients. I left the dough to rise in the machine until it was nearly ready to start the bake cycle and then I rolled out the dough circle and shaped the rolls.

If you make the dough circles about twelve inches in diameter and about one-quarter inch thick, the yield for each circle will be sixteen rolls. A couple of times lately I have made larger crescent rolls, dividing the dough circle into eight wedges instead of sixteen, and ending up with a larger roll that is the perfect size to split lengthwise for a sub-type sandwich! The large crescent rolls look a little more special than just an ordinary roll… they are a huge hit here.

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I make crescent rolls every Thanksgiving using a potato roll recipe. Each year people ask me if I will be making my crescent rolls, and these rolls are probably the one baked item I am known for. I never thought of making them bigger for subs. I will have to try that.


I made crescent rolls following your instructions yesterday and it worked! Thank you for this wonderful blog. I am only starting to learn to cook and bake and I find your recipes and instructions to be very easy to follow with every step set out. I appreciate that because I don’t have very much knowledge in this area and often find other recipes not to work for me.


I love your blog!!! Thank you for all your hard work!!!!!