Every time I see interviews with survivors of the tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods… and more recently the devastating wildfires… I am reminded once again that the people dealing with these disasters now have one huge thing in common.

Suddenly their most fervent wish is to somehow be able to go back to the life they had “before”… back to that very ordinary life they probably took for granted and perhaps even felt dissatisfied or unhappy with. Facing the possibility of losing everything changes perspectives and priorities in a big hurry, and I often think that this stark realization of what really counts is a feeling we should all try to hold on to.

This chipmunk is so cute to watch… I just wish he didn’t dig holes all around my hostas

Isn’t it sad that we sometimes have to face a catastrophic loss… or the prospect of a catastrophic loss… before we can fully appreciate the value of these ordinary but so terribly important parts of our life?