rural mailbox

I opened our mailbox yesterday to find a huge stack of mail.

Right on top was an official-looking letter from the area high school marked “Personal Correspondence — Parental Response Required.”

Next were three large, fat envelopes from different colleges… two on the East Coast and one in California… and a smaller envelope from one of the East Coast colleges’ alumni organizations.

Almost hidden under those envelopes was a square, hand-addressed envelope with a Hallmark imprint on the back, and two other small envelopes that looked to be personal letters… one with a return address of Denmark.

There was a thick garden catalog and a glossy catalog for expensive kitchen equipment, and on the very bottom of the mailbox was a big padded envelope that obviously contained a book.

We haven’t received this much mail all at once for ages! There was a slight problem though…

None of this mail was addressed to us.

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