I really like finding a good coupon! On our last shopping trip a coupon saved us one dollar off a pound of organic butter. The parsnips we bought were less expensive with a coupon, and so was the milk… and it was Tuesday, when the store doubles some coupon values, so that was nice too.

Bumblebee on musk-mallow

If there is a coupon for an item I want to buy, I certainly will use the coupon to take advantage of the savings. I don’t, however, play the coupon game. The reason… I don’t buy processed foods.

I read recently that most Americans spend ninety percent of their food budget on processed food… and this probably explains why the majority of coupons are for convenience and processed type products. On the surface taking advantage of these coupon deals sounds like a great idea. Who doesn’t want to spend less for groceries… who doesn’t want to get items for free?

It would be easy to just go for the savings. It would be easy to let ourselves believe the advertising and not think too much about what we’re actually eating if we eat processed foods. It would be easy… and in this time of increasing grocery prices, it would be less expensive.


The manufacturers don’t tell us that seventy-five percent of these processed foods contain ingredients that have been genetically modified. The manufacturers also don’t tell us that these processed foods contain other questionable or untested ingredients… or about their possible dangers or side effects. That’s information we have to find out for ourselves.

The next time you have a coupon and it’s for a processed food, take the time to read the product label before you buy the product. If you don’t know what the various listed ingredients are, take the time to look them up. Many people already avoid soy and gluten and the more controversial additives like high fructose corn syrup, aspartame or MSG… but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Do you really want propylene glycol or disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate or… you fill in the blank… to be a part of what your family regularly eats?

I KNOW I don’t.