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Vintage Hazel Atlas Jam Jars — Strawberry, Pineapple & Apple

Hazel Atlas jam jars were part of a promotion used to advertise the new Kix cereal in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. I have found magazine and newspaper ads… also radio commercials…

Blue and White Soap Dish — Greenwood China Company

Reader question… “I am writing to ask about the small oval dish in the photo in your post about drying seeds.”

Hazel Atlas Ovide Platonite Dinnerware

I think one of the reasons I have such a passion for vintage or antique dishes is the enjoyment I get from finding out all I can about them. Recently I’ve been searching for information about this very colorful vintage dinnerware set.

My Blanchard Butter Mold

This butter mold was made by a New Hampshire company called Blanchard and Sons. It is made of white birch and is actually three separate pieces. Two of the four sides of the mold are permanently held together with dovetail joints to make an “L” shape…

An Unintentional Collection

Sometimes the best collections are unintentional ones, I think… a collection that just naturally happens… and then grows.

There’s a Pig in Our Garden

A few years ago we met up at the local post office with a distant neighbor who commented on how huge our pig was getting.

My White Ironstone China Pitcher — J.&G. Meakin

This pitcher and I have a history. The first time I saw it was after an elderly aunt asked me to feed the cats and dog, gather the eggs, and take care of the chickens while she was recuperating from a broken hip.

Antique Stoneware Rolling Pin, Blue Wildflower Design

With Thanksgiving almost upon us, and a big pie-making day looming in the very near future, it seems an appropriate time to write about my favorite rolling pin. This rolling pin is old and is made of stoneware, with a blue wildflower design.

Pure Food Sanitary Cooking Ware

I have always wanted to learn more about this bowl, but unlike my Neu Deel Cookin Ware, I have been unable to find any information about this one.

Welded Metal Garden Dogs

These dogs are made of various springs, bolts, nuts, and pieces of metal welded together, and the metal is supposed to rust over time as the dogs are exposed to the elements.