I collect teapots. Sort of. It’s a collection that just seemed to happen over the years… starting with a number of antique teapots that became mine when a family estate was settled. People who knew I “collected teapots” gave me more old teapots. I bought a few and others were gifts. Most of the teapots in my “collection” are quite old.

And then there are these two “vintage” turquoise teapots that were given to me over twenty years ago by a very elderly aunt.

It was easy to find information about one of these turquoise teapots because it is Fiestaware. This particular teapot was called a “large teapot,” identified by the perfectly round shape of the handle and the fluted knob on the lid. This teapot has the lowercase “fiesta” mold mark and was made by the Homer Laughlin China Company sometime between 1936 and 1946.

Because the large teapot was discontinued after a relatively short production run, it was only made in the original six Fiestaware colors (red, yellow, light green, ivory, cobalt, and turquoise). I have read that the large teapots in ivory and turquoise are now harder to find than the other colors.

The other blue teapot seems more of an aqua color to me but it could probably also be called turquoise. The body of this teapot is very round, fat… and low. This teapot sits on four “feet” and has an unusual flat extension on each side of the top opening where the lid rests. There are no mold or other identifying marks on the teapot or lid.

This teapot probably dates back to the same era as the Fiestaware teapot… but because of my aunt’s age and circumstances, I suppose it could be older than that.