Sometimes the best collections are unintentional ones, I think… a collection that just naturally happens… and then grows. My little boxes are that kind of collection.

This little box was a birthday gift. It was hand made and is so tiny… only an inch and a half square. It has heavily textured sides, and the intricate detail of the delicate flowers and leaves is amazing.

This box is made of soapstone and was a surprise “no occasion” gift several years ago. This is a small box too… only two inches in diameter. It has basketweave sides and a top that is literally covered with molded daises and leaves… and there are three more tiny daisies hidden at the bottom of the box.

These are two of my favorites, but each box in my collection is unique, and each box is special to me in some way. Almost all of them have a history or story associated with them, and many were gifts for special occasions… or sometimes “just because.”

It’s the best kind of collection.

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Mrs L.C.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection. I collect ceramic dogs and like you most of my collection has been as gifts. I have a few really old dogs but many are not old and they all are precious to me.


Love the small boxes. I hope you will share more of your collection in a future post. I don’t collect anything except books but I think I would like to collect something pretty like your boxes. I really enjoy your blog.


Very nice! Interesting collection. I like the idea of each box having its own history and story.


I too hope that you will share more of your collection. These are beautiful and so delicate. I collect cows but only black and white ones and they must be small. My collection is small but it is very pleasing to me to see them and remember where they came from or who gave them to me.


Great post. You bring up something that I think a lot of people never realize about collections. It’s not just about the value, like how much each item is worth. It’s also about the sentimental value, sometimes that’s most important.


I also have several boxes, although mine are mostly wooden; some are carved, some are old… one is a very old, very small box covered in hard black leather, (I thought it was made of ebony at first). I like to put interesting things or family heirlooms in the boxes. That way when I show them to my grandchildren, the box itself is part of the special effect. Sometimes I also scent them with incense, fragrant soap, or a tissue dabbed in perfume, which also adds to the magic.