Sometimes the best collections are unintentional ones, I think… a collection that just naturally happens… and then grows. My little boxes are that kind of collection.

This little box was a birthday gift. It was hand made and is so tiny… only an inch and a half square. It has heavily textured sides, and the intricate detail of the delicate flowers and leaves is amazing.

This box is made of soapstone and was a surprise “no occasion” gift from my husband several years ago when he came home from a business trip. This is a small box too… only two inches in diameter. It has basketweave sides and a top that is literally covered with molded daises and leaves… and there are three more tiny daisies hidden at the bottom of the box.

These are two of my favorites, but each box in my collection is unique, and each box is special to me in some way. Almost all of them have a history or story associated with them, and many were gifts for special occasions… or sometimes “just because.”

It’s the best kind of collection.