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Our Search For a Firewood Source Continues…

Our plan to order another truckload of logs came to a screeching halt the morning I called to place the order and arrange for a delivery date. There had been, the receptionist told me, some changes in load size, pricing, and availability since our previous order.

Short Growing Seasons & Saving Seeds

We have a very short growing season here, and if I followed the usual instructions to wait to collect seed pods until they are brown and dry, I would still be waiting when the seed pods were destroyed by the first killing frost.

How To Make Compost in a Garbage Can

Reader question… “When you wrote about making compost, you mentioned making a small compost bin out of a garbage can.”

How We Make Leaf Mold

It’s easy to make leaf mold, but there are a few tricks that speed up the process. If you just make a pile of your raked leaves, they will decompose (unevenly) in two or three years.

Our Handmade Soap

Our handmade soap has spoiled us… we like it so well, we never buy commercial soap any more. Recently our soap supply has been getting low and I have needed to make more.

What $25 Worth of Strawberries Looks Like

Every summer we spend at least one morning picking strawberries at an organic farm that has a pick-your-own berry field. It’s a nice place, well-kept and nicely laid-out with one hundred rows that are each five hundred feet long.

How We Extend Our Short Growing Season

We really have to work around our short growing season here. If we wait to set out seedlings until all danger of frost is past… and this can be as late as the first two weeks of June…

Digging Another Pond By Hand

And here is the beginning of our second pond… like the first pond, we are digging this one entirely by hand. Luckily, there are several natural springs that will be the pond’s water supply, so we will not need a pump or a filter.

Our Hand Dug Backyard Pond

Of all of our landscaping projects, our little pond is one of my favorites. We dug this pond by hand. It was a huge project and took quite a while because we had to dig out so many large rocks.

The Final Cut and Summer Memories

This was such a beautiful sight… to have ninety logs “done” and to see only one log still left to be cut. And there’s the little “brook” that formed under this log during one of our last torrential rains…