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I Think I’ve Already Lost the Foxglove Battle

We have an astonishing number of “volunteer” foxgloves this year. Since these foxgloves are biennials, I guess I’ll have to admit that somebody… and that somebody would be me… must have missed more than a few foxglove seed pods over the years.

What Do Bleeding Heart Seeds Look Like?

Bleeding heart seed pods appear very quickly after the flowers fall off. At first the seed pods will be a bright green and look like tiny green beans. They grow fast and soon you will be able to see the shape of the seeds inside.

The Lupines Growing Wild at the Edge of Our Woods

I love the way these lupines (Lupinus polyphyllus) are growing wild at the edge of one of our wooded areas. They’re mostly shades of rose and lavender, with some deep purples and blues mixed in.

Bridal Wreath (Spiraea x vanhouttei)

Bridal Wreath (Spiraea x vanhouttei) is a hardy shrub that happily flourishes in our zone 4 growing conditions. This is a shrub that needs plenty of growing space because it can reach an impressive size…

Spiderwort (Tradescantia virginiana)

Spiderwort (Tradescantia virginiana) is a hardy perennial that grows wild in some areas. I have both the purple and the dark blue spiderwort growing here.

Sunshine Columbine (Aquilegia x caerulea)

I have wanted sunshine columbines (Aquilegia x caerulea) in my garden ever since I first saw them in a gardening catalog, but I have had unexpected problems with this supposedly easy to grow perennial.

Can You Tell Me What This Is?

I’m hoping someone can tell me what this plant is. It isn’t anything that I have ever grown in any of my gardens, but it really doesn’t look like a weed. I would guess that it somehow came in with a plant that I did buy at some point…

It’s Time To Plant the Potatoes

A few days ago we discovered that this year the feed store was selling seed potatoes. They had about fifteen types to choose from, and all were supposedly suited to growing well in this area.

Seeing The Beauty That Is Already There

We are fortunate to live in an area of New England that is beautiful almost every month of the year. It would be difficult not to appreciate the green lushness of summer, or fall’s vivid leaves and bright blue skies… even the pure white of the winter snows…

Did My Siberian Squill Survive?

I found this siberian squill last spring when mud season was at its worst and the road past our house was an absolute mess.