My Creative Pursuits

A Trip Around the World Quilt… x 2

Reader question… “I’ve been admiring your lovely afghans, cross-stitching and baskets. You mentioned sewing in your About This Blog and About Me page and I wondered if you also make quilts. I sew but have never done any quilting and I have become almost obsessed with the idea of making a quilt. I’m looking for an easy beginner’s quilt pattern. Any recommendation?”

Fall, Gathering Grapevines & Weaving Baskets

I’m in the mood to make some baskets. The cool fall weather we’ve been having these last couple of weeks is a reminder that it is almost time to harvest the grapevines… and it’s just a given that once I start cutting and coiling grapevines, some serious basketweaving sessions won’t be far behind.

I’m Knitting Slippers

I’m knitting slippers… or I will be… if I have finally found the directions I remember. I knew I had them somewhere, but I couldn’t think where until I accidentally came across them last week. Much to my surprise, the directions were exactly where they should have been… neatly filed away in a binder with other handwritten directions I have collected over the years. I wonder why that particular binder was the one place I never thought to look!

My Husband’s Solution To My Creative Chaos

I spent an hour this morning before anyone else was awake finishing this gigantic basket I have been weaving. I wish you could have heard my husband laugh when he woke up and came to find me and saw the mess I had made! Normally I am a very organized person and I like things to be neat, but I turn into an absolute slob when I am engrossed in creating something. Over the years this has become a family joke.

All-Over Basket Weave Knit Afghan

I love the way simple knit and purl stitches combine in this pattern to look like real basket weaving. This basket weave stitch is a reversible stitch, and the back of the pattern looks exactly like the front, so there is no right or wrong side to the afghan. I added a simple garter stitch border on all four sides.

A Mock Cable Fisherman Knit Afghan

I thought I had knitted my last afghan for a while, but… I had a lot of leftover yarn and someone who REALLY wanted an afghan made in this pattern… :o) This afghan is made with the mock cable fisherman knit pattern and like the feather and fan it consists of only four pattern rows, so it makes up very quickly.

My Knitted “Feather & Fan” Afghans

I like simple patterns that I can remember after a few rows and mostly knit without having to constantly look at what I am knitting… like this “feather and fan,” which has only four rows that are repeated over and over again. I just use a multiple of the feather and fan pattern stitches to make the size afghan I want.

Special Words in Cross Stitch

Here is a photograph of a small cross stitch project that I just finished. (As you can see from my blog footer, this prayer is one of my favorites.) I have made this same design several times, always with the intention of keeping it… but somehow I have always ended up giving each one to someone else. I’m pretty sure this time this one is for me!