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The Tiny Little Sweaters I’ve Been Knitting

My most recent knitting project… tiny little sweaters for our tiny little dogs. I discovered years ago that, for them, I can’t just make smaller versions of the sweaters that always fit our Lhasa Apsos and Shih Tzus so beautifully.

From Old Stove Base To Cast Iron Sempervivum Planter

What do you think of my new planter? It is made of cast iron and in its previous life I think it must have been the base of a small wood stove.

Fall, Gathering Grapevines & Weaving Baskets

I’m in the mood to make some baskets. The cool fall weather we’ve been having these last couple of weeks is a reminder that it is almost time to harvest the grapevines…

My Reversible Basket Weave Knit Afghan

I love the way simple knit and purl stitches combine in this pattern to look like real basket weaving. This basket weave stitch is a reversible stitch, and the back of the pattern looks exactly like the front, so there is no right or wrong side to the afghan.

A Trip Around the World Quilt… x 2

Reader question… “I’ve been admiring your lovely afghans, cross-stitching and baskets. You mentioned sewing in your About This Blog and About Me page and I wondered if you also make quilts.”

My Creative Chaos Is Still Alive and Well

I remember well the first time my mother and I made quilts together. We had each decided on a different pattern and were just starting to choose our colors from the amazing assortment of fabrics that my mother had collected over the years.

A Mock Cable Fisherman Knit Afghan

I thought I had knitted my last afghan for a while, but… I had a lot of leftover yarn and someone who REALLY wanted an afghan made in this pattern…

My Knitted “Feather & Fan” Afghans

I like simple patterns that I can remember after a few rows and mostly knit without having to constantly look at what I am knitting… like this “feather and fan,” which has only four rows that are repeated over and over again.

Special Words in Cross Stitch

Here is a photograph of a small cross stitch project that I just finished. (As you can see from my blog footer, this prayer is one of my favorites.) I have made this same design several times, always with the intention of keeping it…